Interim management

What interim management means to us

    Interim management solutions are gaining in popularity as companies learn that good interim solutions are quick and efficient while offering cost transparency and sustainability. They can be applied in many scenarios and not only for short-term emergencies.

    Interim solutions are also used for organisational development projects, in preparation for company succession, to support audits and certifications, or in difficult turnaround situations.

    Interim managers can quickly defuse critical situations, while they are on the other hand loyal to their assignment and not career-focused. That makes them independent, efficient, flexible and highly valuable for their task.

    The professional identity and job description of the interim manager has changed considerably in recent years. Interim managers are becoming younger, more confident, and increasingly female – a development we welcome. The job market is evolving as fast as the market participants are.

    Interim managers, executives and experts are aware of their special role, in particular in the highly specialized and quality-conscious food industry: they are an excellent value-driver in any corporate human resource strategy.

    Interim managers are not only just restructuring experts. They are experts at conceptualisation and implementation. They are people with a special entrepreneurial will to shape the future. Because they want to work with passion, independently and focused on performance and results, without concern for career pressures.

    Interim management is successful when the right company finds the right manager for its specific project, for a successful cooperation. That is where we can help.

    We want to match makers with challenges! We believe that we can do this best as an interim management partner with exclusive focus on the companies and managers of the food industry. We understand the needs of the companies of this industry, and we know the managers with proven track records and experience in this sector.

    That is our value proposition as the first interim management partner specialising exclusively in one industry. The food industry.

    Your partner for interim management solutions in the food industry

    We are the first interim management provider exclusively focused on the food industry. We are the industry specialist for interim and project-specific recruitment and support of executives and experts. In the German-speaking countries and internationally.

    Our commitment

    “Rau | Interim is your management partner. We stand for specialisation, integrity and diligence. We bring experts and companies together. To shape the future. From the food industry. For the food industry.”