interim manager

You are a specialised and experienced interim manager in the food industry. We are your sparring partner – at eye-level. We are there for you for all questions relating to your opportunities. Our partnership with Rau | Consultants in Munich offers us excellent contacts with the companies in the food industry. We are able to assess very accurately, which personality fits into which company. If you are looking for deployment opportunities as an interim manager in the food industry, we are the right network partner to support you.

Send us your documents so we can talk with you about our cooperation options!

We learn to know you personally before we propose you to one of our project partners. We are always there for you as a sparring partner and will remain in close contact with our client company at all times. Our support does not end when you start your work. We will be there for you and the company for the entire duration of the project. We are ready to listen. Personally. Any time.

Because we focus on one industry, we keep on top of developments. The companies from the food industry know and trust us. Our goal is “class”, not “mass”. We prioritize quality over revenue volume. We will only connect you with companies that fit you and your portfolio. With precision. Not with a shotgun-approach.