Position Reckoning

Position Reckoning for Interim Manager

    In this case you won´t need our help to clarify your profile. But in case you want to implement some changes with regard to your „product“: feel free to call, we might be able to plant important impulses.

    Our MD has conducted around 600 prospective interviews with people working in the Interim Management Industry. Most of them knew their „product“ pretty well, they knew the market, the key factors and their way to move around in the business.

    Some of them on the other hand did not. They were caught in very individual and very personal circumstances of transformation. Thus they couldn´t clear the fog. Therefore we use the word „position reckoning“ and deliberately make a hint to aviation: You have to know where you are, in order to make sure that you don´t fly into death (mountains e.g.).

    So what is our process? We talk you through. We question you. We explore your position. You come as a blank (we don´t look into your CV!), we get to know you in the process of speaking. 2 to 3 hours. What do you need? Open mindedness, trust and willingness for real insight. At the end of our session will be your personal and professional product of tomorrow. That might be Interim Management. But not necessarily.

    490 EUR net, including documentation and follow up. You only pay if you are happy. Promise!!

    Position Reckoning


    "Many thanks for the professional summaries. I am very thankful for your quality time, which I have sensed to be result oriented and helpful for my future. Your approach, your moderation and your empathy have been impressive, I am looking forward to our future contact. Bravo.“"