certified ISO 9001

We are certified to ISO 9001

    We believe in transparency and in continuously improved processes. With regard to our consultancy quality and in particular with regard to our own processes. Therefore in January 2019 we have implemented a quality management system which has been certified on 14th. of March 2019 by TÜV Nord. DIN EN ISO 9001. That may sound „pretty German“, but we are convinced that living and validated processes are quite a unique characteristic of our daily work that will help us to realize our vision: To be Germany´s first point of contact with regard to Interim Management Solutions for the Food Industry.

    Our corporate clients in the Food Industry are extremely quality driven and a lot of their daily work goes into qualitiy management. Take IFS or BRC audits for instance. We often provide Interim Quality Manager for our customer projects. Therefore our own certification may stand for our own passion for quality. We are strong in process-thinking and process-doing. Our certification may substantiate that.

    Our Managers are as well „interested parties“ with regard to ISO as our corporate clients. And an ISO 9001 certified Interim Management Provider may be a different kettle of fish, as far as we know RAU | INTERIM is the only agency in Germany that has undergone the crucifying process of certification. Insofar, the „interested party“ Interim Manager may find a special proof of quality with regard to our work.

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