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Interim Management Deutschland und Frankreich

By Laurence Frenkiel from LeaderIA management de transition, and Thomas Schulz, RAU INTERIM

Part 1 : The market

Executive Interim Management was born in the 1970’s in the Netherlands, originally to solve crisis situations, such as factory shut-downs, mostly in the sector of the heavy industry.

During the recent decades it has developed more and more into the southern countries of Europe (early 2000 in France for instance), and the more south you go in Europe, the less this “work-force” solution has arrived / is accepted by the market players.

For instance, nowadays, the turnover of the Interim Management market in Germany as a whole is evaluated to be around 1.3 billion euros. The French market is approximately a third of that. And the average fee varies from 400 euros per day in Poland to 1385 EUR in Switzerland, with a range of 1000 EUR in France to 1200 EUR in Germany.

The main reasons for buying an Interim Management solution are quite the same everywhere in Europe and for sure pretty much the same in France and Germany. Compared to a regular employment contract an Interim Management solution:

-         Is quicker: a state of the art and experienced Interim Management provider usually sources a fitting Manager within 48 hours

-         Is effective and efficient: there is no learning curve, since the Manager is an expert of a sector/function. He has done the job he has been asked for many times before

-         Bears no financial risk : the Manager is not included in the headcount and leaves the company once the assignment is over. The customer only pays for what he gets

-         The client benefits from the experience of the previous projects the Manager has already successfully worked on.

Besides, the Interim Manager does not make politics! He is free from internal ambitions, he focusses on the job to be done. He leads in his projects and thus works with the company employees, not against them.

With the Covid crisis, contrary to the traditional buyers of Interim Management Solutions (heavy industry has reduced its demand, which led to a reduction of the market of about 25% between 2020 and 2021 after years of continuous growth), the food industry has kept on buying Interim Management Solutions. And the demand within the Food Industry increases still. Covid has shown that our customers, the clients in the Food Market, are part of the “critical infrastructure”. We all have to be fed and we have to buy food. You may wait to buy yourself a new Volkswagen. But you will not wait to buy yourself some bread and cheese.

Overall in Europe Interim Management Service Providers account for 25% of the market (33 in France, 35 Germany, but 50% in Liechtenstein) whereas personal network of the Interim Managers accounts for 50% of the total (39% Germany, and up to 74% Switzerland).

We think, that the key success factors for Interim Management Service Provider companies as we are - LeaderIA management de transition and RAU INTERIM are, as follows:

-         Size: we are small “and beautiful”, we know the Market and “our” Managers in person

-         Speed: we understand the customer´s need immediately and we source the Managers extremely fast

-         Reliability: we have already worked with many of “our” Managers. We have assessed them; we trust them and they trust us

-         Transparency: our fees are explicit, our margin is an average of 30%.

-         Experience: we have worked within the Food Industry, we walk the talk.

You liked the article ? Part 2 is coming soon...