Thomas Schulz und Gabi von Sternburg, RAU INTERIM

Catalyst for task and solution

We bring together what belongs together. Specifically for the situation at hand. Because we provide with the fitting interim manager for the project task of the company. Someone with background of the industry and the fitting experience, competence and personality, required for the current situation. Fast. Successful. On time. With added value for everyone.

The interim management provider for the food industry

For us, the benefit of interim management solutions lies in providing successful and lasting answers very quickly. Especially when something that is familiar suddenly comes to a standstill due to unexpected events. What does that mean exactly?

„to provide: provide, deliver, make available, support“
„Provider: provider, breadwinner, supplier“

These translations give a first orientation, but still fall short. Our inner landscape is that of a knowledgeable partner and intermediary within the food industry.

Your journey with RAU | INTERIM

We accompany this project and service / providing process of the interim manager at the customer company as a partner in the background. Until the successful completion of the project. We focus on the food industry. We know the people! We put specialization ahead of variety. We keep our promises. And we only promise what we are able to deliver!

Interpreters between partners at eye level

RAU | INTERIM brings the company and the manager to the table. We quickly create the necessary congruence of goals and set the course for the achievement of goals. We are the interpreters of two partners who, with complementary perspectives and horizons of experience, are pursuing the same goal: solving an urgent problem. With entrepreneurial power and the greatest possible efficiency. For mutual benefit.

Our home is the food industry

We at RAU | INTERIM focus on the industry which we are familiar with. We understand the needs of companies in the food industry and we know the skill set of managers who have had their experiences in this industry. Because we ourselves have worked in responsible positions in this industry for many years. The focus sharpens the view and without focus things get arbitrary.

What is special about RAU | INTERIM and
who is Thomas Schulz?